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Waigaon Natural Turmeric Powder 500 gms

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Harihar’s Organic – Natural, Ayurvedic High Curcumin (>5%) Turmeric Powder of GI Tagged Waigaon variety

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Harihar’s Organic – High Curcumin Waigaon Natural Turmeric Powder – 100% Pure and Natural (High Curcumin %) Produce of Organic Agriculture (under conversion) HIGH CURCUMIN (>5 %) WAIGAON’S GI TAGGED TURMERIC POWDER !

Our turmeric has high curcumin content. It is a very good cooking supplement. It can be used for cosmetic purposes also. It is a completely pesticide residue free product. Our manufacturing and sourcing facilities pay special attention to ensure that all processes right from soil treatment, seed selection, sowing and growth to cleaning, drying and grounding are produced through organic agriculture (under conversion). We, at Harihar’s consider it our life mission to also support Vidarbha’s small scale farmers by promoting direct trade with them, all the while, cherry picking the most premium natural Waigaon turmeric dried rhizomes for you 🙂

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